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The Homeschool Resource Roadmap website provides invaluable information for current and newhomeschooling parents, including information about more than 4,700 homeschool-oriented resources in over 300 different content areas. Tina, the creator, is a wealth of knowledge and extremely supportive. Go to site >

For Wisconsin, fill out the PI-1206.The time to file can vary dependent on your individual circumstances, but most people have to file between the 3rd Friday in September and October 15th.Please file as outlined in Wis Stat. 115.30(3).

(Recommended) Stop in our store! You can look through different homeschooling resources, new and pre-owned, to see what might work best for your family..

If you live in Wisconsin, where Learn More Bookstore is based, you are lucky!We get to choose what our children learn.That can make it more difficult to choose, but it’s a good thing because you can tailor it to your children.Often, there are samples online, but weinvite you to stop in our store to look through different selections to get a feel for what will work for your child/your family.

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also has a quiz that can help you get started. Take the Quiz >

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Due to the subjective nature of grading the condition of a book, we have chosen to not indicate condition.We look through each one to determine that it is still usable.We invite you to come to the store to look through the book(s) to see if it fits your needs.If you cannot make it to the store, please call us at 920-487-8333, and we can go over any marks/defects with you.

Besides shopping in-store and in-store or curbside pickup, we also offer several ways to get the books to you. We can deliver to Green Bay (or perhaps other Northeastern Wisconsin locations) for free upon arrangement, we can ship media mail (when applicable), or we ship priority mail. Media mail shipping is free on orders over $50.

Yes!Enroll by placing an order online or by providing us with your email in store.You receive 1 point for every dollar spent.After spending 250 points, you will receive a gift certificate for $10.

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